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So, since updating via iPad is such a pain, I've...kind of not?  However, I have recently purchased an actual computer again, mainly so I can finish work at home instead of in the office (though, our office is so goofy, that hasn't worked out yet), so--update!

The job is really interesting, but a very big challenge.  There's a lot of math involved, which has never been my subject, so I'm really having to stretch myself.  Also, most of my coworkers are political idiots, but I try to ignore that (not easy).  However, they pay me well and I'm mostly enjoying it.  I've become very well acquainted with Excel these days, since that's what we do our underwriting in.  I'm sure absolutely no one but me has any interest in that, though, so I'll stop there.

I'm mostly trying to ignore the absolute shame of this country right now, so I won't want to either kill myself so as not to be witness to the end of our democracy and human decency (which would suck), or figure out if there are assassins who would hit the entire capital on inauguration day (very tempting, in the you'll thank me later sense).  It is not a good time to be an American.

(On a side note, my brand new computer features the right shift button on the outside of the up arrow key, meaning I keep hitting the up arrow instead of capitalising things.  Irritating.)

My parents have had a hard time of it this year; they went to Canada in July and my mom ended up fracturing her pelvis in two places, then on Monday my dad had to have his hip replaced.  They're doing well now, but it's been a process.  A long process.

I guess my life is pretty boring otherwise; I'm getting ready for my choral society's series of Christmas concerts starting tomorrow, although it won't be quite as fun as it should be since the director cut all my favourites!  :(

Hopefully there's actually still someone who bothers to read this...


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