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Apr. 22nd, 2009 07:22 pm
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So, I've had an interesting week or so. This past Saturday was, sadly, probably the highlight of the last two weeks, partly because I spent all of it on campus, and partly because I got to go shopping with [profile] jcgenzie_and_co

The college held this 'Fiscal Fitness' seminar for seniors, and, even though I won't be graduating until December, I figured now was as good a time as any to get the info, especially since I won't be a student when they have it again next year.  The deciding factor was totally the fact that part of the seminar was being given by our beloved former college president, whom every single person, not just on campus, but probably in town, too, calls by his first name.

Jen kinda slept in accidentally through the morning part, which was actually pretty informative and rather fun, but she came for the afternoon part, so I wasn't lonely anymore :D  Also, we got the comfy seats this time, in the front.

But the real joy of the day was the trip over to Northlake so Jen could see if the bookstore there had a book she's been looking for and doesn't want to purchase from Amazon.  I offered the use of my car, not all that eager to go back home to the empty house and do work, and we gave ourselves two hours.  

Now, I have to admit, I have been lusting after a pair of red Chucks for a while now, and I decided now was the perfect opportunity to check on the price; I resisted them in February, as [livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza knows.  (Btw, I still think those green ones look AWESOME with the rainbow laces!)

Anyway, since the ones at Journey's were still $10 off list price, and they actually had a size that fit me this time, I bought them.  And love them.^^

And Jen totally saved me from spending ~$70 at Border's (she made me pick one hardback and put the other back), so this trip was made of win for me. (Though the store didn't even have her book at all. :( )

Yeah, not much else of note; still hanging in there.  Way too much to do.


Feb. 21st, 2009 04:19 pm
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Well.  We lost.  And I will say straight up that the team we played were very good, and we did not at all look like the team we have been.  However, I think the biggest factor in this game was THE EFFIN' REFS.

I mean, everyone could tell these guys were godawful.  They called tons of fouls on us that weren't there, or that they didn't call when the other team blatantly committed them, they failed to call lots of things, not just fouls, and it was just really bad.  The NCAA should suspend these guys. 

Not that we helped ourselves much; Steph Curry only had 20 points, and we just really looked bad on offencive boards, got the ball stripped from us on fast breaks and driving to the basket, the works.  Ugh.  We need a turnaround, and fast.
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And then I asked the ever-helpful reference librarian for HALP!!1 (Of course, if they designed RefWorks and Write'N'Cite to work on any platform instead of just Microsoft, I would have used it more than once about three years ago. Ahem.

So, just a shout-out to[livejournal.com profile] russianmissile, for helping me carry about half the contents of the library to my car earlier. From a second-floor carrel. It took me two trips down to the checkout to get them all, but this is misleading because I had the use of 1)an elevator from the 1970s, 2)a satchel and the top part of my craft tote, and 3)a rather large stack of books in my arms. All bags were stuffed full for the trip to the car, and [livejournal.com profile] russianmissile and I still had to carry a stack of books apiece.

Anyway, there's a list of sources from one of the three guys I'm waiting on, so I'd better stop fleeing homework now and finish up so I can go home.
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Okay. I know like, ten years ago, Microsoft was just about the only option out there as far as a 'universal' OS went for computers. You could even have reasonably made that argument up to say, 2003 or so. But with the resurgence of Apple, and the growing prominence of old-school systems like Unix and multi-flavours of Linux (my personal choice), you can no longer argue this.


It's not even like they can claim, 'Oh, we never supported anything but Mac and Windows,' because up until just this year (really just this semester), they fully supported Linux, along with Mac and Windows. So far as I know, there is no reason to stop supporting Linux; it's not like it costs money or anything.

So why the change? I've not been able to get a good answer to this, but I am in the process of tracking down why I can get a network address from 'borrowed' LAN all over the rest of campus, but not in the Library. (I already can't use our wireless anymore, since it only supports Windows and Mac users, and really doesn't like that it has to do something extra to support Macs.)

This is an expensive school, and I know I've paid more than enough in tuition here to justify my demands for equal treatment.
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So, some of you might have noticed the state of...flux this journal has been in since yesterday afternoon, when I got the bright idea of finally trying to put up my own personal header. Yeah. It only took about five hours over 2 days and the spectacular help of [livejournal.com profile] mightyquill to figure out what I had been doing wrong.

In other news, still no textbooks, though the day's second post hasn't come yet, so it's still possible that I could do something productive before the day ends. No, really.
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So, in an opinion column in the paper yesterday, Leonard Pitts made an interesting (and funny point):

Writing about the online ad for Dunkin' Donuts that Rachael Ray did that caused so much controversy last month, Pitts commented, "Consider the case of Rachael Ray and the scarf that made people scream.
"Ray, of course, is the preternaturally perky host of cooking shows on the Food Network--and a spokeswoman for Dunkin' Donuts.
"In that capacity, she wore the aforementioned scarf around her neck in an online ad--and people started screaming. It seems that in the eyes of conservative columnist Michelle Malkin and a handful of blogosphere blowhards, the scarf resembled a kaffiyeh, the Arab headdress most infamously worn by the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat.
"Me, I thought the paisley scarf resembled a paisley scarf, but then, I haven't been taking my paranoid lunatic pills lately, so what do I know? Those with more discerning vision cried foul and late last month, the doughnut maker crumbled, pulling the ad, lest anyone assume the company was selling mass terror along with its iced coffees and crullers."

Also, my parents are out of town until Friday! We're getting ready to have a midterm in sociology, and get this: not only are we assigned a study guide directly from the class notes (which are from PowerPoint), the day before the exam, the professor is going over the entire exam with us. How easy does it get, guys?!
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So, I'm really liking this sociology class so far. The first day, the prof couldn't make it, so a TA showed up with the syllabus and told us once we had it, we could go home. Nice. Of course, since I had tripped on the brick walkway on my way in and fallen rather hard on my face (literally, stop laughing, Kaylie, Godlet, it hurt), I was bleeding a bit and more than happy to comply.

Yesterday, she told us she'd never keep us the entire class period, and if we talked a lot, there would be less material to cover, and thus less material on our exams. Never happens at Davidson. Never. Also, the prof is really easy to distract and get going on a tangent. Useful, that. The reading is pathetically easy thus far; I swear, this text was meant for high schoolers.

Conclusion: I forsee an A out of this. Pity it won't count for my GPA, just my credit hours. (My GPA could use the help.)

Godlet, I've started on our 'summer reading' for RP. Amazing what I've forgotten about this stuff since middle and high school.

How are y'all's summers shaping up?
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So I'm making note cards for a fifteen-page research paper on the Vatican response to the Vietnam War, and I realised after about four or five cards that they have lj tags.  No, seriously.  They're marked by comma-separated terms, just like we mark our posts.  It made me giggle, more than was necessary, really.

I'm at home right now, because I was stupid enough to schedule a doctor's appointment at eight tomorrow morning, and it's closer to get to it from my house than school (plus my idiot parents have the car and won't give it back).  Thus necessitating me getting up at the ass-crack of dawn.  So even though we have a new wireless router, it's no match for college LAN, and my distribution upgrade is agonisingly slow.  I'm considering telling the poor thing to just give it up and wait 'til I get back to campus. 

I need to spend my next 'break' from researching making a few more Doctor Who icons; I don't feel like I have enough options.  For all my other fandoms, I have bookoos (yes, that's a word, shut up spell check) of different icons, but I've been somewhat slow on this one, hampered in part by blurry screencaps, burninated episodes (curse you, beeb!), and impending finals.  Hopefully I'll be able to make a few over the next couple of weeks, since I'm staying at school after finals until graduation.

The past couple of days, the weather here decided it was January again.  At the end of April.  What the fuck is wrong with you, Nature?!  I WENT OUT IN FLIP FLOPS, AND IT WAS FORTY DEGREES.  Not on!  The good news is, it's supposed to be about seventy-five tomorrow.  Gotta love the south.
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Ok, maybe the basement of our college library isn't exactly comparable to a dungeon, but when you have a research paper due in just over a week and 2-3 finals coming up, it sure feels that way.  Plus, I'm stuck in the section where they haven't replaced the carpet yet, and it's this revolting mustard/puce colour that really clashes with like, everything, and the furniture hasn't been replaced since the building was new in 1973.  They've finished renovating the other two floors, just not this one.  And I've always hated this carpet; let me see if I can approximate the colour for you: like this, but with a bit more mustard to it.  Gross, yeah?

Anyway, I've been searching and reading about 1960s Catholicism in America and the Vatican response to the Vietnam War for about three hours straight, so I'm a little sick of this study carrel and I wouldn't mind if they turned the a/c off.  Plus, there's this old clock right above my head that makes a really noticeable noise every single time the minute hand moves.  It got old real fast.  At least I don't have to go blind by trying to look at microfilm today.  When I was working on one of my other papers a while back,
[livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza was keeping me company, and doing a bit of work for me.  She admitted that as an English/Film Studies major, she's never had to use microfilm before now.  I admitted that right then, I hated her just a little bit.  As a history major, there's at least one class every year that ends up requiring the use of microfilm or microfiche.  Sometimes, you even have to go to another campus to do it, because I don't think that Little Library is named inaptly. 

But now I'm on a field trip for change to make copies (I have no money left on my CatCard) and index cards to take notes on.  it's a little sad when this becomes a bit of excitement; get out of the library for ten minutes to get more stuff so you can go back to the library and stay for another five hours!  Yay! 

ETA: Well, it seems that I am not alone in the dungeon. Apparently, even Steph Curry gets stuck down here to work on his research.
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Yes, I know this is an old episode.  Yes, I watched it when it first aired.  But I was fleeing homework today, so I rewatched it.  There wasn't going to be a reaction post.  Really.  My laptop futzed out on me, so I took my stuff off to the campus library, and the wonderful video viewing rooms, reasoning that there wouldn't be many legit people in there on a Sunday afternoon.  Yeah, I was right.  Just in case someone came in and wanted the room, though, I had a notebook out so I could look like I was analysing the episode.  And then I started analysing the fucking episode.  Kaylie's comment was, "I'm so proud.  It's like you're a real film student."

So here it is.  Here's me going on for five pages about one television episode.Cut to save your flists. )

Now, if only I had put that much effort into my research...

In other news, amazon.com continues to pwn my bank account, as I ordered about five Doctor Who novels, one serial (The Invasion!), and two BSG soundtracks in the last two days.


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