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...by Pres. Obama. (Sorry. I may end up abbreviating things in this post due to an unfortunate tendency of the upper left keys to be difficult to press, particularly w and r.)

But first, a story from philosophy class. We were talking about Thomas Reid's response to Hume's argument from contiguity. The argument goes something like this:
  1. What I am directly aware of seems to diminish as I move away from it.
  2. The table does not diminish as I move away from it.
  3. Therefore, I am not directly aware of the table.

Which of course is complete rubbish. Anyway, I was actually on the way to making a (good) point, and couldn't resist the awful (if true) pun: Hume seems to have literally lost perspective. Yes. I went there.


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Feb. 21st, 2009 04:19 pm
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Well.  We lost.  And I will say straight up that the team we played were very good, and we did not at all look like the team we have been.  However, I think the biggest factor in this game was THE EFFIN' REFS.

I mean, everyone could tell these guys were godawful.  They called tons of fouls on us that weren't there, or that they didn't call when the other team blatantly committed them, they failed to call lots of things, not just fouls, and it was just really bad.  The NCAA should suspend these guys. 

Not that we helped ourselves much; Steph Curry only had 20 points, and we just really looked bad on offencive boards, got the ball stripped from us on fast breaks and driving to the basket, the works.  Ugh.  We need a turnaround, and fast.
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So, I'm sitting here in the library, essentially passing the time before the big game tonight--we'll be on ESPN2!--by attempting to do my preliminary research for the group presentation in my Imperialism class. The topic statement is due on Monday.

Sadly, looking at random articles from a 1918 English newspaper is a lot more attractive than accomplishing my real task, which is something along the lines of researching the topic How the British Treated Native VIPs in the Places they Colonised. Yeah. I hate starting research. Maybe I'll just turn to the bibliography sections in a couple of our textbooks...

On the other hand, in a little bit, I get to meet Jen for Bonsai before the game; we're going early to see if we can a)get good not nosebleeds seats, and b)get on TV when Dick Vitale comes out into the crowd about an hour before the game. We're playing CofC, which means it's Blackout Belk, and the place is sold out (of course). I always look forward to our dorky cheers and singing 'Sweet Caroline' at the 8.00 minute timeout (yes, we are all complete nerds here at Davidson, have we met?). I just hope Stephen has a good game; he didn't have such a great game on Wednesday. Of course, even when he has a mediocre game, he's great, and the team wins by twenty-five points.

Back to work for me...
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...except I'm never awake at night anymore. Because in order to get to class on time, etc, I have to get up at 6.15am. There's something wrong with the world when I get up at six everyday, guys.

On the other hand, I'm truly enjoying myself at school for the first time in way too long, and my classes seem doable so far. I'm excited about Mondays now, because the Davidsonian asked me to copy edit again this semester. So I'll be hanging around pretty much all day on Mondays from now on. Yay!

Have I mentioned before how much I adore Dr Palmer? Today, he had us discuss among each other various things that would seem to need closer examination, then, he had us all go up in front of the camera and say our name, where we're from, what we like to do, and what we wish. Since it's a 101 class, lots of people, took a decent amount of the 50 minutes, and then class was over! Life is good.

And Dr Barnes. Oh, Dr B. There are six of us in the seminar, and he has this habit of finding cute ways to address us in emails, so we got one this morning to the "Everyday Half-Dozen" since it's a class on everyday life, and yesterday, when he was figuring out where we were going to meet for class, he mentioned his study, but then realised that his mother-in-law is staying with them right now, and he really doesn't want to face her nosiness! Oh, it was really funny, but I suspect you had to be there.
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So, I'm really liking this sociology class so far. The first day, the prof couldn't make it, so a TA showed up with the syllabus and told us once we had it, we could go home. Nice. Of course, since I had tripped on the brick walkway on my way in and fallen rather hard on my face (literally, stop laughing, Kaylie, Godlet, it hurt), I was bleeding a bit and more than happy to comply.

Yesterday, she told us she'd never keep us the entire class period, and if we talked a lot, there would be less material to cover, and thus less material on our exams. Never happens at Davidson. Never. Also, the prof is really easy to distract and get going on a tangent. Useful, that. The reading is pathetically easy thus far; I swear, this text was meant for high schoolers.

Conclusion: I forsee an A out of this. Pity it won't count for my GPA, just my credit hours. (My GPA could use the help.)

Godlet, I've started on our 'summer reading' for RP. Amazing what I've forgotten about this stuff since middle and high school.

How are y'all's summers shaping up?
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And now my life sounds like a musical. le sigh. But it's true; I've just BSed my way through taken two of my three exams (Vietnam and Latin American, both history, both essay format), and there's just maths left for tomorrow. THANK GOD. My hand feels like it's about to fall off after about six hours (almost consecutive) of handwritten essay questions, and I don't even care anymore. I'm ready to be done. Not to mention that this really is meant to be my senior year, and since I spent a gap year I'm having to finish next year, I'm more than ready to get my piece of sheepskin with 'Davidson College' on it. ::mad jealousy for [livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza:: But Muppet and I will have a great time next year.

I sold back all but three of my history texts; two they wouldn't buy back (cheap bastards), and one I wanted to keep, and made about 20USD, which isn't bad, considering I bought them all on Amazon used. I will truly rejoice when I can sell this maths text back, though I'll miss propping my laptop up with it.

We are planning an epic day of movie/teevee-on-DVD watching tomorrow after the last morning exam, and for the rest of the time until graduation, and I'm really psyched for that. My Torchwood S1 DVDs need to hurry up get and get here.
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Ok, maybe the basement of our college library isn't exactly comparable to a dungeon, but when you have a research paper due in just over a week and 2-3 finals coming up, it sure feels that way.  Plus, I'm stuck in the section where they haven't replaced the carpet yet, and it's this revolting mustard/puce colour that really clashes with like, everything, and the furniture hasn't been replaced since the building was new in 1973.  They've finished renovating the other two floors, just not this one.  And I've always hated this carpet; let me see if I can approximate the colour for you: like this, but with a bit more mustard to it.  Gross, yeah?

Anyway, I've been searching and reading about 1960s Catholicism in America and the Vatican response to the Vietnam War for about three hours straight, so I'm a little sick of this study carrel and I wouldn't mind if they turned the a/c off.  Plus, there's this old clock right above my head that makes a really noticeable noise every single time the minute hand moves.  It got old real fast.  At least I don't have to go blind by trying to look at microfilm today.  When I was working on one of my other papers a while back,
[livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza was keeping me company, and doing a bit of work for me.  She admitted that as an English/Film Studies major, she's never had to use microfilm before now.  I admitted that right then, I hated her just a little bit.  As a history major, there's at least one class every year that ends up requiring the use of microfilm or microfiche.  Sometimes, you even have to go to another campus to do it, because I don't think that Little Library is named inaptly. 

But now I'm on a field trip for change to make copies (I have no money left on my CatCard) and index cards to take notes on.  it's a little sad when this becomes a bit of excitement; get out of the library for ten minutes to get more stuff so you can go back to the library and stay for another five hours!  Yay! 

ETA: Well, it seems that I am not alone in the dungeon. Apparently, even Steph Curry gets stuck down here to work on his research.
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So this picks up where Pink Hair left off in our post of great length (see previous post for link). We made it to the Doubletree not too far from Ford Field, and got inside to find it was super nice and they had made pretty signs to welcome us. However, we soon ran into a snafu: due to the last-minute nature of some of the scheduling, the room keys and assignments had gotten snarled up quite a bit. We mostly just chilled in the really pretty lobby for an hour and a half or so while the chaperones and the desk people sorted it all out. Eventually, everyone had somewhere to sleep.

Pink Hair and I picked up our room key, finding that, though we were originally assigned a room to ourselves, we now had two more girls who were supposed to room with us. We didn't know them (and had trouble reading their names), so located them with a little difficulty. Finally, all four of us made it up to the room, where we discovered that there was one (rather small) bed and a cot. Of course, there was really nowhere to put the cot that wasn't a fire hazard, and two people would have had a very hard time sleeping on it, so the other girls decided--with a bit of prodding from us--that they would rather find other sleeping arrangements. We later learned that the room we were in was the smallest in the hotel, which was way overbooked, but we were just glad they had kept our entire group in the same hotel.

We conked out pretty soon after that, and slept until about two pm. When we eventually decided to investigate the possibility of food, we found the hotel restaurant was closed, but that we could get room service for a relatively decent price. Let me tell you, this was amazing stuff. It had flavour, it was nutritious, and it didn't even take too long.

We had ventured downstairs earlier, and were quite amused to see all the little tables in the lobby occupied by Davidson students with their laptops and books, doing homework. We had turned the place into a Union colony. In the hallway outside our room, there were some girls working on more signs for Sunday's game, just like in the dorms at Davidson.

Not much else happened; the tv was on most of the day on mute, and we watched the UNC/Louisville game hoping for an upset, but were disappointed in that. Pink Hair took a nap for a while, leaving the only internet connection open to me, so I dorked around for a while, revelling in all the media coverage, and we discovered that our picture was in the Observer. Now, we're debating doing work or leaving it until tomorrow, and reading the message board for entertainment.
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Wow. There will be an official reaction post to yesterday's game from both me and [livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza later, but this is the first time I've been able to post about it. We're here in Detroit, we had really awesome seats, and my picture was in my hometown paper twice. The only downside was when those silly security people at Ford Field tried to make us sit down during our school fight song. We resolved the issue eventually, but man.

Well, tomorrow at 5:05 we play Kansas. Go 'Cats!

ETA: The double reaction-post is here: http://kayliemalinza.livejournal.com/124426.html
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I look forward to singing that in Detroit now, where Davidson takes on Wisconsin in the Sweet Sixteen on Friday night (7:10)! OMGWTF, this is why I go to a fucking rich school: the Trustees have decided to pay to fly as many students as want to go up to Detroit for the weekend, as well as pay for our hotel and the tickets. This is like, 500 USD! So, yes, [livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza and I are totally going, and Godlet was already going, because he's in the band. Give me a wave if anyone on the flist hails from the Detroit area!
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Ok, NOW I can post about the awesomeness of yesterday. Tenth-seeded Davidson played seventh-seeded Gonzaga yesterday in the first round of the men's NCAA tourney, and, for the first time in 39 years, WE WON. Yes, you read that correctly. Davidson won. 82-76. After trailing just about the whole game, in the final five minutes or so, the team put together this amazing effort to tie the game. There were several minute lead changes and ties, then Stephen Curry, who finished with 40 points, got this pass from Andrew on an offensive board and just put it up there for as beautiful a three as you've ever seen. And silly Gonzaga couldn't keep from fouling us; Davidson as a team shoots about 72% on free throws, which is really, really good. They kept fouling Stephen, who shoots about 89%. You do the math. Anyway, I even got [livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza to watch most of the second half with me, and she's just as excited as I am that our boys are headed to the second round tomorrow against Georgetown!

So this morning, I went hunting for the paper to continue revelling in the glory of Davidson's win. First, I checked in Belk: no papers. Then, the Union: just lots of yesterday's paper. So I walked down Main Street to the bookstore where I obtained a copy of the Observer. As I was walking back to my dorm to read the paper, I encountered a family who were visiting campus. One of their daughters was considering Davidson. So I gave an impromptu tour. Kaylie, you can be all curmudgeonly, but it was fun.
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Ahaha, I totally meant to make this post earlier, but here goes.

I decided to go on the charter bus down to Charleston to see the SoCon Championship game between Davidson and Elon last night. After a nice three-hour ride, we arrived at North Charleston Arena to the marvelous sight of several hundred other Davidson fans. I talked with [livejournal.com profile] russianmissile for a bit before he had to get back down to the pep band (which looked and sounded great!), and then scouted around to find the Kayliesaur's pater. Pater-unit found, we thoroughly enjoyed the red sea of Davidson fans, and using the other team's band to do cheers for the 'Cats.

The 'Cats came out strong on both sides of the ball; looked a bit rushed on a couple shots, and Elon's D was surprisingly quick, but we soon settled down. The one thing that just about every fan noticed was the inequity of the officiating. It wasn't truly awful or anything, just that there were several calls on Elon that should have been made, and one or two on us that shouldn't've (like the out-of-bounds on J-Rich--what was that about?), and it brought down the level of enjoyment a bit.

It was great fun to be able to really get the whole crowd loud and cheering all the time; that is a bit of a problem at home games. Thankfully, even with all the more than slightly inebriated fans, we didn't have any arseholish incidents. Stephen Curry was, as usual, absolutely stunning. Several times I turned to Mr McKayliesaur and was like, "How did he DO that?!" A-mazing. There were tons of little moments that stick out in my mind, but then this post would just be unwieldy, so I'll keep it short.

We came on strong in the second half, eventually pulling away to make it 65-49 final. When we got to the final two minutes or so, the band struck up what's become, over our last four years, the Davidson theme song: Sweet Caroline. It was wonderful to be able to drown out the whole stadium for the last two minutes, and keep singing it about ten or twelve times before the night was done.

I have to say, one of my favourite moments was when the team was accepting the trophy, and all the students in the crowd start chanting, "THANK YOU, SENIORS!" because so many of the guys on the team graduate this year.

Next up is first round of the NCAA; I really hope we get both a good seed and a close location. There's a possibility we could wind up in Raleigh, over Easter Break, which would just be fantastic.

Our bus got back here at three am, so even though I dragged my sorry ass to my 10 am class and lunch, no less, I need a nap before I fall over.
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Well, another (big) win, and here we are, ready for the SoCon Championships tonight. Hopefully, I can get a seat on the bus from here to Charleston tonight! If so, see you there, godlet! I'll let you know how boring Vietnam was this morning.

Up next is Elon, who have a losing record (14-18). I don't want to jinx us, but we really should not have any trouble beating these guys and getting an automatic bid to the NCAA. If so, we really should get a decent seed. I was talking about that with [livejournal.com profile] russianmissile the other day, and I said that since we are (probably) going to go into the NCAA tourney nationally ranked this year, that should make a difference in seeding. I sure hope so. I'm a little tired of watching the 'Cats lose in the first round when I know they're good enough to go further.

Ah, well, it's just about time for class. Always most difficult to come back after Spring Break.

In other news, Kaylie, you'll be amazed: I ATE CEREAL FOR BREAKFAST. WILLINGLY. What is happening to me?
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My God, what a year we're having! Nationally ranked for the first time in ages, nation's longest winning streak, and Stephen Curry. It's a great day to be a Wildcat, indeed.

Next up: either App State or Greensboro!

ETA: Ok it seems Greensboro beat App, so we'll play them sometime tomorrow.

ETA: Six o'clock tonight, gametime!
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Well, once more, we almost pulled off an NCAA upset, this time over Maryland. The 'Cats played a great game, and Stephen Curry had 30 points before he fouled out. I watched in Fiji, where we had quite the crowd, though J.C. insisted on cheering for Maryland, the big idiot. Sigh.

On the plus side, I suppose that means god Michael will be back for an rpg session this weekend.
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Well, once more, we almost pulled off an NCAA upset, this time over Maryland. The 'Cats played a great game, and Stephen Curry had 30 points before he fouled out. I watched in Fiji, where we had quite the crowd, though J.C. insisted on cheering for Maryland, the big idiot. Sigh.

On the plus side, I suppose that means god Michael will be back for an rpg session this weekend.


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