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Finally! My Panthers won big time. It was a 38-0 thrashing of the NY Giants at home. I'm still so excited. It was our first win of the season, which makes it even better. Plus, the Georgia Bulldogs won yesterday pretty big, so it was a great weekend here in Carolina.
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Whee!  I got my totally awesome-looking 'Hawkguy' comic yesterday, courtesy of the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] pocky_slash.  Thanks, Kait!  It looks cool so far; I got a few pages in last night before bed.

In other non-news...well, that's about it.  Doing some re-reading, working back through my favourite C.J. Cherryh novels, including the Foreigner books, and discovered I had missed the three or so latest, so I've got those to read this weekend.  Still such an amazing series.  I even managed to impress my mom; normally, she just doesn't get why I read SF/F, and she looked at one of them the other day and asked whether the books all seem alike after a while.  I told her no, and why, but she seemed really surprised when I told her that, at heart, the Foreigner series are political thrillers.  Point to me.

We'll be watching the Super Bowl tonight, not that we particularly care who wins since our sorry team finished 7-9, like most of the rest of the league.  Although, Luke Kuechly did get Defensive Rookie of the Year, so that's something good.  Anyway, I'll put in a vote for the Ravens, just because.  Not that I really think any of the rest of you care overmuch. ;)

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Okay, I feel like I should do some sort of update, but, like [livejournal.com profile] stunt_muppet, I never really know where to start.  I guess I'll start by making people jealous and saying I finished all my holiday shopping in one day on Amazon and didn't break fifty bucks, which is good since I still have no income.  I've got a few leads on things that might become possible job openings in the new year, so we'll see what comes of that.  I've been out of school for a year this month, although I guess you could count the six months of paralegal classes and that makes it only five months.  We'll go with that since it makes the fact that I still don't have a job sound less loser-like.  :/

Speaking of paralegal, I finally got my letter that says I passed the state bar!  They even gave me a nice certificate that I can frame and put in my office should I ever be employed and actually have an office in which to put it.  I squeed really hard when I got it in the mail today.  It came in a large envelope that the mail man had to ring the doorbell for, and I looked at the address label, which said it came from the state bar, and I told myself, 'well, surely they wouldn't spend all this money on an envelope like this if it was bad news'.  :)

Both of my football teams lost this past weekend, which sucked donkey balls, especially since each could have (should have) won.  Sigh.

My computer hard drive is sounding/acting suspiciously like it needs to be replaced, but I've been putting off finding out for sure.  I guess I need to determine that so I can beg for a new hard drive for Christmas.  Better than a new laptop, both because this one was very expensive and I'm not through using it, and because I hate changing computers.  I get used to the way one works, and I don't want to get a new one.

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So, my streak of predicting the Super Bowl winner based mostly on who the QB is has gotten back on track; Green Bay pulled through. 

In other news, the best commercial IMO was the Audi rich people's prison escape.  It's followed by the Doritos one with the guy taunting the dog and the dog totally winning.  Most of the others were just sort of blah.  The game itself was pretty exciting, though.  My cat has gotten so used to us jumping up and yelling at great catches/TDs that he doesn't even look up any more. 

The commercial for the Chevy that has the facebook checker made me ashamed to be a human being.  Have we really gotten this asinine and shallow?  Gah.  The Motarola one spoofing an Apple commercial was good, though.


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