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Well, I guess there are still a few of you out there...  Anyway, time for another drive-by update.  I kind of feel like they're all 'this week at work', but since I don't really have a hobby other than you guys (fandom), oh, well.  In the exciting life of Rhia, we had two more near-disasters with the Christmas tree (we've never had this many problems with a single tree before), got almost all the rest of the decorations up, and are working on the candied pecans.  I want to take some in to work, to contribute to the holiday fattening-up.  ;)

Speaking of work, I was terribly excited to find out that we do indeed have an office Christmas party, and it will be at a ritzy restaurant in town next Thursday night.  On the company expense account.  Susan asked us all what kind of wine we wanted with dinner.  o.O  Should be fun, as I really like all my co-workers.

Also, I'm putting this out to the Universe, as Wings says: one of my friends at work (an asset manager) told me that the company might be hiring three new AVPs (asset managers) and he thought I should let Erin know I would like to be considered, because I do such a great job at my job that I would be good at the AM job.  I was very flattered, and decided, 'what the hell, why not?' and let Erin know.  She said essentially she'd talk to Tom about it, but I figure I lose nothing by mentioning it.  I love the job I do now, but the AM job would pay more (and be a ton more responsibility...); if I don't get it, I've still got a job I love.

My cat is eyeing me with disfavour at the moment since I put some Burt's Bees cuticle stuff on my fingers earlier and she doesn't like the smell of it or the feel of it on her fur, or something.  Oh, well.  Everyone's a critic.  I actually semi-seriously considered kidnapping one of my cats to sit on my lap and keep me warm at work this morning.  It's freezing here, and the office is always somewhere between 67 and 71 F (way too cool for winter, when it's 20-40 F outside).  Alas, Mom thought it was a bad idea, so the cat stayed here and I froze.

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Well, here we all are, still alive; guess that'll put a temporary halt to those doomsdayers and save me from having to hear about stupid shit that doesn't make sense or matter--oh, wait, the news still reports on Congress.  Oh, well.

I had lunch and shopping with a friend yesterday; we had our customary Chinese from our favourite local place, and then did a little shopping in the rain.  It's turned cold (for here) now, though--the mountains might be getting some snow, I think.  Fortunately, I live about two hours south and east of the mountains, so it's just clear, windy, and cold here.

Happy Winter Solstice/Non-doomsday to all who celebrate such things!  It's hard to believe that there are only four days to Christmas.  We have a little bit of a light load under the tree this year, as we seem to have mostly given each other gifts during the year or bought things that the other person already knows about.  Although, Dad and I just decided to wrap a couple of those anyway, just to have more things under the tree.

I've been enjoying the holiday cards from friends and relatives.  It was funny, though; a couple weeks ago I got my first Christmas card of the season, and it was from the White House!  The cards, in case you haven't seen a picture of them, feature the First Dog, Bo, with a cute little scarf playing in the snow in front of the White House.  It's a really pretty painting.  The card will be going in the same envelope with the stuff I got from when my elementary school class wrote to the president back in the day.  I don't know what the other kids said in their letters, but I distinctly remember asking for a picture of Socks the cat.  I got both an autographed picture of President Clinton (ho-hum when you're that age) and an 'autographed' picture of Socks, which delighted me.  Of course, being nine, I didn't really know that they're signed by a robo-pen, but I still have them in the original envelope nearly twenty years later.  I'm still not sure how they managed to get a cat to agree to an ink-print of his paw, as just about every cat that's ever owned me would (rather justifiably, I think) claw you for that, but whatever.

In case I'm not in a posting mood in the next few days, I'll go ahead and wish all who celebrate a Merry Christmas and everyone a peaceful year to come.


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