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Finally! My Panthers won big time. It was a 38-0 thrashing of the NY Giants at home. I'm still so excited. It was our first win of the season, which makes it even better. Plus, the Georgia Bulldogs won yesterday pretty big, so it was a great weekend here in Carolina.
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Hi, guys, it's, um, been a while?  Sorry.  You know how it is--you spend all day (literally) staring at a computer screen at work, and then don't really want to look at one at home, even for fun.  I thought I'd try to do like [livejournal.com profile] aadarshinah and post updates more regularly (not promising daily), so here goes.

Work is still pretty awesome.  I get to do so much fun stuff, and we keep hiring new people, which means I get to help them, too.  Nothing makes you feel good quite like being able to answer people's questions and solve their problems, which is essentially my job.  We did have a bit of a stir yesterday, though, in another part of the building.  We're in a big office building uptown (what this backward city calls 'downtown' anywhere else), and the bottom floor is a bank.  Apparently, yesterday morning a guy came in and gave one of the tellers a note demanding money.  He never showed a weapon, and no one was hurt, but they shut the branch down for a while, and we made the news.  I'm glad we're up on the 15th floor.  They haven't caught the guy yet as far as I know, but they had really good images, so it probably won't be long.

In exciting news, one of the attorneys who does work for us is flying in from CA this weekend and taking us to the Panthers game (the local NFL team)!  I'm a huge Panthers fan, have been since high school, so I'm really excited.  Apparently, these are pretty good seats.  Here's hoping my Cats can give me a win on my birthday!

I had lunch this weekend with my friend from school, which was fun.  She took me out for an early birthday lunch and we hung out for a while.  Life is pretty good.

How are you doing, internet friends?


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