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Quickly, before I fall into bed and sleep for about 2 days straight, WE WON!!!!!  I mean, my home state eventually (after a long time) went for Romney, but we won the election, so that's okay.  I can breathe again, people, I'm not even exaggerating how much this means to me.  I put in a lot of hours and miles knocking on people's doors and making phone calls and entering data and all kinds of other things, so this one really counts.  And Romney's concession speech was actually decent.  If that Mitt Romney had actually run...well, he wouldn't have made it past the Tea Party, so it wouldn't matter.  Nonetheless, I thought both speeches were good, though the President's was inspiring and great.

And now, to sleep.  And may the rest of the world take the next four years to forget exactly how nutso America's brand of crazy can be.  I'd sure like to.
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Exciting new polling today; my home state (which is, once again, one of those infamous 'battleground states') is polling 2 points in favour of President Obama.  As one of the grassroots volunteers, this is especially rewarding.  So, insert plug here for Americans to go vote; Early Voting is already going on in, like, thirty states.  I've been mainlining MSNBC today.  Conclusions: I kind of love Martin Bashir, men saying anything about women's bodies needs to stop yesterday, and this election needs to hurry up and be over.  Also, I miss Keith Olberman.
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...by Pres. Obama. (Sorry. I may end up abbreviating things in this post due to an unfortunate tendency of the upper left keys to be difficult to press, particularly w and r.)

But first, a story from philosophy class. We were talking about Thomas Reid's response to Hume's argument from contiguity. The argument goes something like this:
  1. What I am directly aware of seems to diminish as I move away from it.
  2. The table does not diminish as I move away from it.
  3. Therefore, I am not directly aware of the table.

Which of course is complete rubbish. Anyway, I was actually on the way to making a (good) point, and couldn't resist the awful (if true) pun: Hume seems to have literally lost perspective. Yes. I went there.


The rest is under here... )
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Aha! I knew I had this icon sitting around here somewhere! Except, really, victory is ours. And by ours, I mean all free-thinking people of the world. Because I'd like to think that this election represents a time when we Americans took stock of our cities and towns and then our country, and looked once again to the rest of the world for advice and perspective.

And you helped us; you prayed with us as we encouraged each other to turn aside from learned patterns of divisiveness, you kept hoping at each new unfolding of our minds back out on reality, and you kept all your extremely justifiable recriminations back as we surged together in true American fashion to elect two good men to the highest offices in the land, to widen the majority in our legislature of the party that must now tackle the problems facing us while helping us heal from that divisiveness, and through it all, world, you reached out your hands in friendship to us again and merely said, "What's next?"
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And here, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] ryo_girl, is the transcript of President-Elect Obama's amazing speech tonight in Chicago.

And would they hurry up and freakin' count the votes in my state already?! I know they haven't even gotten to the early voting results, of which mine is one, but really, the last few precincts in North Carolina could get their rears in gear.
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I'm watching msnbc right now, and I'm having trouble typing this post.  They still haven't called my state (NC), but they've called this election for Barack Obama.  It's just really hit me: finally, I can truly say it and mean it--I'm proud to be an American.

More when coherency returns, although NC seems to be turning for McCain at the last moment.


ETA: They've called NC for Obama today, and though the vote margin was ~13.000, my state went blue. This hasn't happened since 1976, when Jimmy Carter won here. This is huge.


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