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I've been neglecting you terribly, I know, internet, but...

Yes, well.  This is an incredibly sleep-deprived entry, as I missed so much sleep last night.  The idiot speedway apparently has some kind of outdoor movie night now that they've got the biggest screen in the world, or something, so the damn movie could be heard all the way at my house last night, followed by freaking fireworks until past 11 pm; when you get up at seven every morning, that's not good.  Even after that, I couldn't seem to really sleep, and finally I gave up this morning around six-thirty.  So I'm really tired.

But.  Yesterday I went to the big bookstore in the mall which was having a one-day sale and bought several books.  One of them was a book by an author I'd never heard of, but I liked the sound of the summary, so I gave it a shot.  I love it.  Totally recommending this book here.  It's military sci-fi, so Stargate fans pay attention.  The author is Evan Currie, and the book is Into the Black: Odyssey One.  It's really good on the military stuff, including a section where he essentially says, yeah, combat pilots have to know almost as much about how their craft work as the people who built them, so they're anything but stupid (which, after some time in the SGA fandom, is refreshing--we all know how many fics treat the military as dumb, even pilots like Sheppard or Mitchell). 

The main premise is that, in a post-WWIII Earth, the North American Confederation sends out the brand-new space ship Odyssey, under the command of Eric Weston, on a shakedown cruise of the universe.  Weston was a former fighter jockey in the Marines, and there are lots of Special Forces members of our military as well as Canada's in his new crew.  There are some aspects that resonate a lot with the Stargate universe, but only on the surface.  It's a fascinating and compelling action read with linguistics, philosophy, combat tactics, tragedy, and triumph.  I won't give away any more of the plot, other than to say there are alien humans and alien beasties, and there's a war.  Um, it's a lot better than it sounds from my lame description?  Seriously, though, if you like the mix of military and science that marks the best of Stargate canon and fandom, I think you ought to give this book a go.  It's in paperback, so not as expensive, and I'm fairly sure there will be a sequel, since it's left very up-in-the-air as far as the ending goes.

Anyway, that was mostly the purpose of this post.  I'm a little over halfway through the book, which is nearly six hundred pages in an oversized paperback, though I peeked at the last page, as I am wont to do.  ;)  Which is how I know the ending.  And I'm still feeling compelled to read the rest because it's that good.  There's really interesting science, too; a lot of it is based on things I know are fairly current in actual science, like tachyon properties, and it makes nice extrapolations in the best tradition of the genre.  The alien society they encounter is interesting and somewhat mysterious, even at the end of the book, and the alien enemy is pretty frightening.

So.  What's on your summer reading list, guys?  I also picked up some more Discworld novels, which are an addiction of mine, and the latest Foreigner novel I'd been wanting to own since I read it back in March.  I had to stop myself from spending all of my first paycheck there, since it was only a week's pay.  I should get paid again at the end of this coming week, and it will be the normal two weeks' pay this time, which is good, since I keep having to buy gas for my car and it keeps getting more expensive.  :/ 

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Okay, so I've never done one of those LJ anniversary posts, but I see some of you doing them.  I was just on my profile now and saw that tomorrow is this journal's eighth anniversary.  Where does the time go?  I've gone through a lot of changes in eight years, and most of them are chronicled in here.  Except that whole year when I kind of ignored it.  Anyway, happy anniversary to me?
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Well, here we all are, still alive; guess that'll put a temporary halt to those doomsdayers and save me from having to hear about stupid shit that doesn't make sense or matter--oh, wait, the news still reports on Congress.  Oh, well.

I had lunch and shopping with a friend yesterday; we had our customary Chinese from our favourite local place, and then did a little shopping in the rain.  It's turned cold (for here) now, though--the mountains might be getting some snow, I think.  Fortunately, I live about two hours south and east of the mountains, so it's just clear, windy, and cold here.

Happy Winter Solstice/Non-doomsday to all who celebrate such things!  It's hard to believe that there are only four days to Christmas.  We have a little bit of a light load under the tree this year, as we seem to have mostly given each other gifts during the year or bought things that the other person already knows about.  Although, Dad and I just decided to wrap a couple of those anyway, just to have more things under the tree.

I've been enjoying the holiday cards from friends and relatives.  It was funny, though; a couple weeks ago I got my first Christmas card of the season, and it was from the White House!  The cards, in case you haven't seen a picture of them, feature the First Dog, Bo, with a cute little scarf playing in the snow in front of the White House.  It's a really pretty painting.  The card will be going in the same envelope with the stuff I got from when my elementary school class wrote to the president back in the day.  I don't know what the other kids said in their letters, but I distinctly remember asking for a picture of Socks the cat.  I got both an autographed picture of President Clinton (ho-hum when you're that age) and an 'autographed' picture of Socks, which delighted me.  Of course, being nine, I didn't really know that they're signed by a robo-pen, but I still have them in the original envelope nearly twenty years later.  I'm still not sure how they managed to get a cat to agree to an ink-print of his paw, as just about every cat that's ever owned me would (rather justifiably, I think) claw you for that, but whatever.

In case I'm not in a posting mood in the next few days, I'll go ahead and wish all who celebrate a Merry Christmas and everyone a peaceful year to come.

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I was just now doing some data entry for voting and saw this name on my list: Donna Noble.  I just wanted to note the amusement and irony factors here.

Zee v. Zed

Sep. 30th, 2012 08:11 pm
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This has been bugging me for a while.  In SGA, everyone makes sure to put 'Zed' for ZPM when McKay talks, which is fine since it's canon.  But what about Beckett?  The only reason some Canadians say 'Zed' when Americans say 'Zee' is because the British pronounce the letter that way.  So it would make much more sense even than Rodney saying 'Zed' for Carson to say it that way.  Which makes me wonder why no-one does that in fic, let alone why it apparently never made it into the show.

The other thing that bothers me is people who are not Mark Twain writing characters dialectically through the whole story.  Just grates on my last nerve.
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So, I was flipping channels during the sometimes interminable commercials during the Olympics (go Team USA!), and PBS was running some programme on these people from WWII.  So at one point this guy is recollecting the Battle of Anzio, and he remembers this guy saying, 'God help us and come yourself, don't send Jesus.  This is no place for children.'  How awful.  Of course, I didn't stick around to find out what happened after that; the gymnastics was back on.

I kind of get really into the Olympics every time.  I love gymnastics, men's especially, though I am terribly fond of men's diving if for no other reason than it features pretty young men in the world's skimpiest bathing suits.  Yum.  And, unlike water polo, they do not pair it with ridiculous bonnet looking headgear.
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From the 'not very nice but not untrue' files:

I was finishing up the dinner dishes just now and the local news was running a story about this older couple in a nearby town who apparently got high on bath salts and scared their neighbours or something.  First of all, bath salts?  Really?  Second of all, apparently one of the symptoms is psychosis, or so we were informed.  The station then showed the mugshots of these lovely people, and I told Mom, "These people don't look like they need any help with psychosis."  They were really scruffy/scraggly, still strung out-looking, and generally didn't look like they needed drug aids to be nuts.  Not nice, but totally true.  O.o

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Via [personal profile] scrollgirl: There is a serious rootkit virus going around in YouTube links in comments so be careful when clicking on links!
"Lately there has been a very serious, new type rootkit virus spreading in various routes, and one very serious way for LJ users is the video spam comment. Some users have recently been receiving comments with youtube links (embedded videos) - some are just spam comments with a link in the comment, some are made by hijacked accounts and even include text to make the comment seem real (for example telling you your video has been stolen and provides you with a youtube link).

"These YouTube links are infected with rootkit that will infiltrate your computer and steal personal information and possibly hijack the Internet connection."

(via http://kis-my-ft2.livejournal.com/921912.html)
So, be careful with LJ links to YouTube?

In other news, I am dragging today.  Last night, I was watching a new History Detectives with Mom and Dad (it was excellent!), and started getting what became a really bad migraine.  Eventually, I had to take an anti-nausea just in case.  Well, those things make you really sleepy, so I slept in like, an hour and a half this morning and was really blah until after lunch.  But at least I woke up headache-free.

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Best euphemism I've heard in a while: "Criminal conversation."  What, you might ask, could this possibly be code for?  Why, adultery!  Gotta love the law.  Can't just come out and say something, it talks around the bush. 
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So, today's class is all about how to investigate people and corporations on the internet as a paralegal for litigation.  In other words, it's entirely too frightening (even without Facebook) just how much information is out there on you.  Not just Googling your name, but all these other sites we can use to find out pretty much everything about you. 

Right now, we're learning how to find and track real estate assets for people.  It's professional stalking, guys.  Now I feel kind of sketchy.  You can go on the GIS website and look up your neighbour's house, see how much he paid for it, all kinds of things.
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We're sitting here in Litigation class, and the professor just showed us a copy of a handwritten 'letter' a juror wrote while on a jury.  It was badly spelled and stuff, but mostly it was in the vein of 'I can't believe this case, these people are all idiots, what do you mean four more weeks of this' and rambled on.  The best parts, though, were where the guy was saying he wanted to die (not really, but yeah) rather than be there anymore, the plaintiff's lawyer looked like The Penguin (misspelled), and he was fantasising about killing the lawyers if it would make it stop.  Needless to say, someone decided this guy was just a little unstable, and he was dismissed.
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Well, I did something rather stupid last week.  Ubuntu had been having problems for about a month with the main part of their update server; I think maybe someone had hacked it.  Anyway, I decided to move from the LTS (long-term support) release to the newest one.  I should have known better, really; a while back I did this, and it didn't end well.  This time, the 'upgrade' not only messed up my screen resolution, it also got rid of all my drivers for the wireless card and the ethernet connection.  So, Catch-22, I couldn't get the drivers because I couldn't get online because I didn't have the drivers. 

I took the laptop over to the store that fixed it back in December (when Dell proved exactly how absolutely useless they are) and had to leave it there over the weekend.  It turned out that the problem couldn't be fixed without a fresh install.  Fortunately, the guy had fixed a long-standing problem I've had where the stupid thing wouldn't correctly automount USB devices, which has meant that I've been unable to use flash drives, my (very nice) external hard drive, or my iPod.  So, I asked him to back up my files and re-install the LTS release.  $150 bucks later, I have a fresh install, working USB mount/unmount, and several updated packages that I had been wanting but didn't have the skill to install successfully on my own.  (I really need to take the time to learn the basic BASH commands and stuff one of these days.)  Lesson learned: don't get impatient and move from LTS until there's another LTS release.  It never works out.
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Wow, I think the girls behind me in the library this morning have just confessed to illegally taking controlled substances.  O.o  Yeah, if you don't actually have ADD, Adderall will keep you up all night and give you heart palpitations.  Duh.  And it won't really help you concentrate, either.
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Oh my god, I have found the absolute cutest creature on the face of the planet.  It's a genette, which is some kind of weird African/Asian mammal, but the important thing is that it looks and acts like a cross between a kitten and a ferret.  See?

I want one, except not really, because they're wild animals and should stay that way, but they're soo cute! 

Ahem.  Yes.  /squee.

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More GIMP stuff.
The original:

I like to think I've gotten fairly decent at manipulating layers, masks, and colours.

In completely unrelated news, I (might) be working on SGA fic.  On non-cracky wing!fic.  It might even have aspirations of becoming a novel-sized work.  There are notes, so I consider that to be a good start.

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Ah, more artwork I feel the need to share, since I spent not inconsiderable time on it.

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Today I at least turned my not-feeling-well into something semi-productive: I messed around with GIMP for several hours and came up with this:

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So.  I've been stuck in a state of not-quite-sick-but-not-sure-what-it-is for the last three days or so--nothing really important, though.  The thing is, I've really been craving ham and cheddar sandwiches for about a week, and just now someone mentioned bacon, and I realised I haven't had bacon since this summer.  I really want fresh bacon, the wiggly kind, like crazy right now.  Failing that, I'd like Cambell's chicken soup.  No idea why, just, it's been stuck in my head.  Comfort food, maybe?  Mom made mac & cheese last night, which is the most awesome thing ever, and she's making potato soup tonight, which I really enjoy, but somehow I really really want something with bacon.  ::sigh::  Maybe I could sneak some bacon bits into the house--they're almost entirely tofu, as it turns out; very little pig to be found in there.  hmm.
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So, Koko is on my bed with me, as he is most every afternoon, and he just woke up and stretched.  Sometimes that's a prelude to leaving (demanding food from the Food Lady downstairs), sometimes it's just time to change positions and go back to sleep.  I peeked down by my feet, and was happy to find I still have a cat on the bed.  I have realised, yet again, that my happiness depends entirely too much on the whims of a ball of Siamese fur with a loud mouth.  ::eyeroll::  I did sort of get him to chase after a slinky this morning, though...
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I know, I know, the last thing any of us needs is yet another way to waste time on the internet.

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course you want to waste more time on the internet! You're on LJ, after all. You use Google, check Wiki, faff around with flash games--why not get credit for it in a cool MMOG? Best of all, it works on just about any platform--Windows, Linux, Mac. You go about your normal browsing and play at the same time!

Plus, if you click this link to sign up, I get points too. And then I can come reward you with points. I get to be an online philanthropist, since this economy practically guarantees I'll never be able to afford to be one IRL.

So, join me on the Nethernet!


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