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And then I asked the ever-helpful reference librarian for HALP!!1 (Of course, if they designed RefWorks and Write'N'Cite to work on any platform instead of just Microsoft, I would have used it more than once about three years ago. Ahem.

So, just a shout-out to[livejournal.com profile] russianmissile, for helping me carry about half the contents of the library to my car earlier. From a second-floor carrel. It took me two trips down to the checkout to get them all, but this is misleading because I had the use of 1)an elevator from the 1970s, 2)a satchel and the top part of my craft tote, and 3)a rather large stack of books in my arms. All bags were stuffed full for the trip to the car, and [livejournal.com profile] russianmissile and I still had to carry a stack of books apiece.

Anyway, there's a list of sources from one of the three guys I'm waiting on, so I'd better stop fleeing homework now and finish up so I can go home.
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So, I'm sitting here in the library, essentially passing the time before the big game tonight--we'll be on ESPN2!--by attempting to do my preliminary research for the group presentation in my Imperialism class. The topic statement is due on Monday.

Sadly, looking at random articles from a 1918 English newspaper is a lot more attractive than accomplishing my real task, which is something along the lines of researching the topic How the British Treated Native VIPs in the Places they Colonised. Yeah. I hate starting research. Maybe I'll just turn to the bibliography sections in a couple of our textbooks...

On the other hand, in a little bit, I get to meet Jen for Bonsai before the game; we're going early to see if we can a)get good not nosebleeds seats, and b)get on TV when Dick Vitale comes out into the crowd about an hour before the game. We're playing CofC, which means it's Blackout Belk, and the place is sold out (of course). I always look forward to our dorky cheers and singing 'Sweet Caroline' at the 8.00 minute timeout (yes, we are all complete nerds here at Davidson, have we met?). I just hope Stephen has a good game; he didn't have such a great game on Wednesday. Of course, even when he has a mediocre game, he's great, and the team wins by twenty-five points.

Back to work for me...
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Okay, Muppet and I are so excited about this, I have to share. A couple of minutes ago, Muppet was innocently brushing her teeth when I turned around and told her, "Hey, guess what? [livejournal.com profile] livii recced you on [livejournal.com profile] calufrax!" She ran over, going, "Really?!" and we had to stare at the entry for a bit, then glorious rounds of hugging, squeeing, laughing, and toothbrush-dancing erupted.

If you haven't read her fic, go click on the link above ::points:: and check it out. Very cool.

And, to top that off, here's an object lesson in how reading fanfic helps us on our senior thesis papers:

So, I'm a history major, and my thesis is on the importance of Yeats' poetry, specifically "Easter 1916" to the Irish independence movement. I'm looking into the events that inspired the poem, the Easter Rebellion, or Easter Rising, of 1916. So, this morning I'm (re)reading a fic I had kind of forgotten about, that is partially set on Easter Day, 1916, in Dublin. The Doctor is telling Rose about Yeats, etc., and mentions that the poem was recited up and down the countryside. Now, of course, I know better than to take this at face value; I'll still have to do the research, but that gives me a solid direction, right? Yes.

It's a good day.
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Someone bring me the finest bagels in the land, because I'm through with finals! One more year to go, but right now, all I'm thinking about is the next four days of laziness and freedom with friends. Beautiful. Also, one of my Amazon packages came in today: the two CDs I ordered, Firefly soundtrack and a new release of an all-Spanish Enrique Iglesias album. Still waiting for Torchwood, though.
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And now my life sounds like a musical. le sigh. But it's true; I've just BSed my way through taken two of my three exams (Vietnam and Latin American, both history, both essay format), and there's just maths left for tomorrow. THANK GOD. My hand feels like it's about to fall off after about six hours (almost consecutive) of handwritten essay questions, and I don't even care anymore. I'm ready to be done. Not to mention that this really is meant to be my senior year, and since I spent a gap year I'm having to finish next year, I'm more than ready to get my piece of sheepskin with 'Davidson College' on it. ::mad jealousy for [livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza:: But Muppet and I will have a great time next year.

I sold back all but three of my history texts; two they wouldn't buy back (cheap bastards), and one I wanted to keep, and made about 20USD, which isn't bad, considering I bought them all on Amazon used. I will truly rejoice when I can sell this maths text back, though I'll miss propping my laptop up with it.

We are planning an epic day of movie/teevee-on-DVD watching tomorrow after the last morning exam, and for the rest of the time until graduation, and I'm really psyched for that. My Torchwood S1 DVDs need to hurry up get and get here.
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So, I've been lurking around my flist the past several days without posting and without answering many posts/comments. Today...nope. Still not over. The paper which has been eating my life (The Vietnam War and the Catholic Church: the Vatican Response to the war and its Impact on US Policy and the Responses of American Catholics) is just about done, for good or ill, and will be turned in at 9:30.

I managed to get an extension on my math work seeing as it was due today as well and I haven't had time to work on it at all (my professor is absolutely terrific!), so now I have that to finish.

Then, I get to slow down a bit, and study hard for three finals.

The fun finally starts after that, in the four or so days between the end of exams and graduation, when we're all hanging out with no work (except packing!) to get in the way do.

Oof. Also, it's really cold in Commons right now, which is where I'm finishing this paper over breakfast. I haven't been up this early during school on purpose since freshman year. ::grumble grumble sassafrass::
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Okay. Today, I really do have to be disciplined. I have to really try to get through all my sources for this Vietnam paper so I can start writing the damn thing. It's due on Wednesday, and in that time, I also have to do an 'extended assignment' for my math class (also due on Wednesday), study for all three of my finals, and still manage not to go insane. It's beautiful outside, it's Friday, I want to play, and I can't. I suspect I may end up writing my first-ever Doctor Who fic and doing my laundry in order to procrastinate before the day is over.

Godlet, are we roleplaying tonight and tomorrow, or tomorrow and Sunday?
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Okay, so I updated my computer this morning, and was a tad unhappy to discover that some of my Firefox extensions no longer work. So I have had to hunt down replacement features, not all of which are comparable. I'm trying out a new posting tool with this entry; we'll see how well I end up liking it. (Of course, I had just gotten used to DeepestSender, too.)

Well, time to get back to work on that paper...
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So I'm making note cards for a fifteen-page research paper on the Vatican response to the Vietnam War, and I realised after about four or five cards that they have lj tags.  No, seriously.  They're marked by comma-separated terms, just like we mark our posts.  It made me giggle, more than was necessary, really.

I'm at home right now, because I was stupid enough to schedule a doctor's appointment at eight tomorrow morning, and it's closer to get to it from my house than school (plus my idiot parents have the car and won't give it back).  Thus necessitating me getting up at the ass-crack of dawn.  So even though we have a new wireless router, it's no match for college LAN, and my distribution upgrade is agonisingly slow.  I'm considering telling the poor thing to just give it up and wait 'til I get back to campus. 

I need to spend my next 'break' from researching making a few more Doctor Who icons; I don't feel like I have enough options.  For all my other fandoms, I have bookoos (yes, that's a word, shut up spell check) of different icons, but I've been somewhat slow on this one, hampered in part by blurry screencaps, burninated episodes (curse you, beeb!), and impending finals.  Hopefully I'll be able to make a few over the next couple of weeks, since I'm staying at school after finals until graduation.

The past couple of days, the weather here decided it was January again.  At the end of April.  What the fuck is wrong with you, Nature?!  I WENT OUT IN FLIP FLOPS, AND IT WAS FORTY DEGREES.  Not on!  The good news is, it's supposed to be about seventy-five tomorrow.  Gotta love the south.
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Ok, maybe the basement of our college library isn't exactly comparable to a dungeon, but when you have a research paper due in just over a week and 2-3 finals coming up, it sure feels that way.  Plus, I'm stuck in the section where they haven't replaced the carpet yet, and it's this revolting mustard/puce colour that really clashes with like, everything, and the furniture hasn't been replaced since the building was new in 1973.  They've finished renovating the other two floors, just not this one.  And I've always hated this carpet; let me see if I can approximate the colour for you: like this, but with a bit more mustard to it.  Gross, yeah?

Anyway, I've been searching and reading about 1960s Catholicism in America and the Vatican response to the Vietnam War for about three hours straight, so I'm a little sick of this study carrel and I wouldn't mind if they turned the a/c off.  Plus, there's this old clock right above my head that makes a really noticeable noise every single time the minute hand moves.  It got old real fast.  At least I don't have to go blind by trying to look at microfilm today.  When I was working on one of my other papers a while back,
[livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza was keeping me company, and doing a bit of work for me.  She admitted that as an English/Film Studies major, she's never had to use microfilm before now.  I admitted that right then, I hated her just a little bit.  As a history major, there's at least one class every year that ends up requiring the use of microfilm or microfiche.  Sometimes, you even have to go to another campus to do it, because I don't think that Little Library is named inaptly. 

But now I'm on a field trip for change to make copies (I have no money left on my CatCard) and index cards to take notes on.  it's a little sad when this becomes a bit of excitement; get out of the library for ten minutes to get more stuff so you can go back to the library and stay for another five hours!  Yay! 

ETA: Well, it seems that I am not alone in the dungeon. Apparently, even Steph Curry gets stuck down here to work on his research.
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Well, I'm a tiny bit embarrassed to admit this, but I think we've come to one of the most interesting parts of the Vietnam War in class now--My Lai. Is it terrible to be interested in a horrible massacre of civilians? Because I am. It was so unusual, so terrible, so savage. And we're seeing the same types of things again in Iraq and Afghanistan. At least we don't seem to be repeating the same mistakes in immediate leadership (how the fuck did someone like Calley ever get to be an officer), but it seems the American military hasn't addressed the core problems that lie at the heart of events like My Lai. Also, my dad grew up in Columbus, GA, actually on the base at Ft. Benning, and he remembers Calley's trial. It was fascinating hearing him talk about what the people in town and the other army personnel thought of Charlie Company's actions, and now I'm getting to put his accounts into perspective with other primary sources regarding the same thing.

What's kind of interesting is that today in class, Dr. Levering presented Medina as a rather incompetent officer, and the reserve reading is strangely sympathetic towards Medina. I wonder if the reading is just taking its stand from the 'official' line adopted after the Calley trial, or if some of those sources give good reason to not hate the guy.


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