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So, I'm out getting lunch, and I pass a woman who had the stupidest tattoo I think I've ever seen: a semicolon behind her ear. Nothing else, just the random punctuation mark. If you're going to mark up your body, shouldn't it at least mean something important? Sigh.

ETA: Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] wings128, for pointing me toward http://www.upworthy.com/have-you-seen-anyone-with-a-semicolon-tattoo-heres-what-its-about to show that it's actually for a great cause: suicide prevention.  So, my faith in humanity restored for the day, I sit corrected!
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...in my kitchen last night.  So I had already gone to bed, and my parents were almost in bed (what? I haven't slept well this week), when I was startled by this rather loud whooshing sort of noise that seemed to be coming from right outside my door.

It took me a minute to react to it, but once I realised it couldn't possibly be coming from upstairs, you better believe got myself downstairs pretty fast. 

Meanwhile, this noise is getting louder, and I'm turning on lights as I go, just knowing that it's going to be some sort of horrible gas leak or something.  I got as far as the kitchen (well, one step into the dark was enough), where I abruptly stepped in about 2 cm of very chilly water!

Now, I suffer from pretty bad insomnia, so I had already taken a prescription sleeping med, so I'm pretty proud of how fast I put it together that the water line to the fridge was leaking (more like asploded), and started running up the stairs, yelling about the flooding kitchen.  Thankfully, the kitchen is right under my room, because my parents didn't hear this at all, and we would've woken this morning to a very wet downstairs if I hadn't been here.

So my sleep was seriously delayed by flood cleanup; fortunately again, the damage was minimal.

ETA: ::headdesk::  I was just cleaning the kitchen after breakfast, and my dad uses this really annoying cast iron skillet to cook eggs in, which we generally finish drying on the hob.  So I left it on there while I finished up the hand washing and counters, intending to turn the hob off, as usual.  Only I forgot.  And was subsequently reminded by the fire alarms--both of them.  ::facepalm::  Yes, from flood to almost fire in under 24 hours.  That takes talent.  I still feel a tad wobbly.
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this link goes to a post on my flist that explains it

It also contains a link to the site where there's a petition to MGM to keep SGA.


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