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Well, apparently procrastination can pay off; that film paper and annotated bibliography I did literally at the last minute?  I got an A+ on both.  That, or this school really has no standards.  All the final grades aren't in yet, but in the two that are posted on the web, I got As.  This brings me up to just shy of a 3.0 overall GPA!  This is exciting, guys.  

On the down side, I'm sick again.  It's the sore throat with nasty white stuff all over, really gross, really painful.  I went to the doctor two days ago, and the rapid strep test was negative, but all the symptoms point to either strep or some other bacteria, so he prescribed antibiotics.  I opted to get it all over with and get the enormous penicillin shot instead of taking 10 days of oral antibiotics.  It leaves you kind of sore, and it goes in the hip.  Ouch.  But worth it; I think it's beginning to work.  I was supposed to drive down to visit my dad and stepmom in Alabama, but I'm not making a 7-hour drive by myself feeling like this.  It's a little disappointing, because this is the longest break from school I'll have until I graduate in December, and I haven't seen them since this past December.  Oh, well.  

There was a rare bird sighted nearby a few days ago, but I couldn't go see it at first because I had to study for finals, and by the time I could go, it was not there.  It was a purple gallinule, which kind of looks like a little kid got into the paints and coloured it in:

DC al fin

May. 13th, 2009 05:26 pm
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That's it! I'm DONE with school this semester.  I finished my exams today with a marathon of both exams today.  I know I did well on the philosophy review this morning, only blanking a bit on one question, and even the psychology one was a bit better than expected.  So I may not have done everything I should have, but I took these exams, and now I am done.  'It is done, and I have done it.'  And now I am going to hang around with Muppet and Kaylie, and go out to eat in a bit.

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Someone bring me the finest bagels in the land, because I'm through with finals! One more year to go, but right now, all I'm thinking about is the next four days of laziness and freedom with friends. Beautiful. Also, one of my Amazon packages came in today: the two CDs I ordered, Firefly soundtrack and a new release of an all-Spanish Enrique Iglesias album. Still waiting for Torchwood, though.
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And now my life sounds like a musical. le sigh. But it's true; I've just BSed my way through taken two of my three exams (Vietnam and Latin American, both history, both essay format), and there's just maths left for tomorrow. THANK GOD. My hand feels like it's about to fall off after about six hours (almost consecutive) of handwritten essay questions, and I don't even care anymore. I'm ready to be done. Not to mention that this really is meant to be my senior year, and since I spent a gap year I'm having to finish next year, I'm more than ready to get my piece of sheepskin with 'Davidson College' on it. ::mad jealousy for [livejournal.com profile] kayliemalinza:: But Muppet and I will have a great time next year.

I sold back all but three of my history texts; two they wouldn't buy back (cheap bastards), and one I wanted to keep, and made about 20USD, which isn't bad, considering I bought them all on Amazon used. I will truly rejoice when I can sell this maths text back, though I'll miss propping my laptop up with it.

We are planning an epic day of movie/teevee-on-DVD watching tomorrow after the last morning exam, and for the rest of the time until graduation, and I'm really psyched for that. My Torchwood S1 DVDs need to hurry up get and get here.


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