Dec. 24th, 2013

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So, my family has finally finished joining the 21st century--Mom and I bought the iPhone 5s today.  I had a 3G once a long time ago, so not such a big deal (although after years of having nothing but a basic phone since, it sure is nice), but Mom has never had anything more complicated than a phone that dials and maybe takes pictures that she never figured out how to use.  So we'll see.

Buying the damn things was a big ordeal, though; they were only on sale at Best Buy; okay, fine, we also had a cashback thing through the credit card company for buying online if you go through their portal; nice, right?  Yeah, until you go to order.  First, it turns out you already have to have a plan from your phone carrier that works with smartphones before you can order, so we had to call Verizon and do that first.  Okay, fine.  We had some nice stuff from them, including waiving the activation and upgrade fees.  Neat.  So, you would think we're home free and can order the phones, right?  Not so much.  Best Buy's website tried to charge us the upgrade fee Verizon had already waived.  When we contacted Best Buy, they told us they couldn't change it.  So we'd have to buy in the store, thus missing out on the cash back.  So we called the card company to see if they would give it to us anyway, since it was hardly our fault Best Buy's website sucks.  No dice.  Mom and I had gone out to Best Buy at lunch, and it turns out we should have just bought them then, because the store didn't charge for anything but the phones themselves.  Go figure.  So I'll be setting up Mom's phone tomorrow, not that it will take much time.

Still, I'm very excited to finally get rid of the old flip phone.  We both got the space grey colour, so we'll have to get different cases to be able to tell them apart.

Since our president gave us today off (originally only tomorrow was a paid holiday) I had time to do this, as well as make a key lime pie this morning (yes, it was very good!) and other holiday stuff.

Hopefully all of you will have a wonderful winter/summer celebration of your choice (or have already done so), and we'll see you in the new year.


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