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Okay, I feel like I should do some sort of update, but, like [livejournal.com profile] stunt_muppet, I never really know where to start.  I guess I'll start by making people jealous and saying I finished all my holiday shopping in one day on Amazon and didn't break fifty bucks, which is good since I still have no income.  I've got a few leads on things that might become possible job openings in the new year, so we'll see what comes of that.  I've been out of school for a year this month, although I guess you could count the six months of paralegal classes and that makes it only five months.  We'll go with that since it makes the fact that I still don't have a job sound less loser-like.  :/

Speaking of paralegal, I finally got my letter that says I passed the state bar!  They even gave me a nice certificate that I can frame and put in my office should I ever be employed and actually have an office in which to put it.  I squeed really hard when I got it in the mail today.  It came in a large envelope that the mail man had to ring the doorbell for, and I looked at the address label, which said it came from the state bar, and I told myself, 'well, surely they wouldn't spend all this money on an envelope like this if it was bad news'.  :)

Both of my football teams lost this past weekend, which sucked donkey balls, especially since each could have (should have) won.  Sigh.

My computer hard drive is sounding/acting suspiciously like it needs to be replaced, but I've been putting off finding out for sure.  I guess I need to determine that so I can beg for a new hard drive for Christmas.  Better than a new laptop, both because this one was very expensive and I'm not through using it, and because I hate changing computers.  I get used to the way one works, and I don't want to get a new one.

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Well, I'm back at it; this is the third-to-last paralegal class!  The week-plus we had off was really nice, but I'm afraid I kind of got used to not having to come all the way down here.  Tonight and Thursday are Real Property, as in real estate stuff.  Hopefully it will not be boring.  Then the last class is the other part of our contracts/business law class.  The end is in sight.

Hopefully all of you in the States had a nice holiday, and everyone else had a nice not-holiday.

Applied for another job over the break, but I still haven't heard anything on any of them.  Le sigh.
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Best euphemism I've heard in a while: "Criminal conversation."  What, you might ask, could this possibly be code for?  Why, adultery!  Gotta love the law.  Can't just come out and say something, it talks around the bush. 
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Man, who needs hockey for fights?  Just watch taped depositions.  We saw part of one tonight from Texas (of course) where the various lawyers in the room nearly came to blows over whether one of them who was frequently objecting to things actually represented the witness being deposed, thus having an actual right to do so.  So you've got a bunch of fat, old, white guys insulting each other, claiming they'll object if they want to, and calling each other fat boy and threatening to fight.  All of this in the stereotypical Southern hick accent.  It was hilarious.

I took extra ADD meds before class today, since I've been having so much trouble concentrating all the way through three hours of class at night, when most of my normal dose has worn off, and it seems to be going marginally better.
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So, today's class is all about how to investigate people and corporations on the internet as a paralegal for litigation.  In other words, it's entirely too frightening (even without Facebook) just how much information is out there on you.  Not just Googling your name, but all these other sites we can use to find out pretty much everything about you. 

Right now, we're learning how to find and track real estate assets for people.  It's professional stalking, guys.  Now I feel kind of sketchy.  You can go on the GIS website and look up your neighbour's house, see how much he paid for it, all kinds of things.
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We're sitting here in Litigation class, and the professor just showed us a copy of a handwritten 'letter' a juror wrote while on a jury.  It was badly spelled and stuff, but mostly it was in the vein of 'I can't believe this case, these people are all idiots, what do you mean four more weeks of this' and rambled on.  The best parts, though, were where the guy was saying he wanted to die (not really, but yeah) rather than be there anymore, the plaintiff's lawyer looked like The Penguin (misspelled), and he was fantasising about killing the lawyers if it would make it stop.  Needless to say, someone decided this guy was just a little unstable, and he was dismissed.
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So, I'm sitting here in class, and it has taken so long for ~2 hours to go by.  Part of that is just that I'm so sick of fighting with stupid Lexis Nexis--it keeps screwing up my login, and I had to rush to complete my homework just before class using someone else's borrowed login, then our in-class exercise required the professor to log several of us in for the same issue.  It's maddening, especially because the damn ID worked once.  And the fee to use Lexis is included in the cost of the programme, so I'm really not getting my money's worth with it, but I have too much stress in my life to have to deal with calling Lexis and getting it fixed.  I just don't feel like fighting my anxiety enough to bother.  I also hate that it continues to highlight my completely ridiculous fear of having to talk to people on the phone.  I really hope I can chuck that by the time I have to get an actual job, since talking to people on the phone is a large part of being a paralegal.  Gah.  Can I hit the pause button on life yet?


Okay, now we're going over the answers, which is actually really boring for me.  Only an hour and a half left of class, hopefully less if she lets us go early.  Also, it has been shown yet again that the American legal system is totally crap as regards women, and all men involved should just be drop-kicked back to the middle ages, since that's apparently where they want to be, anyway.  It's actually part of the law that women have no rights over their own bodies as pertains to unborn children unless the child is illegitimate.  Yes, that's right, modern law says we have virtually zero rights to our own reproductive organs, ladies!  Welcome to modern slavery, since not having any say in how her reproductive organs were used were hallmarks of 17th-19th century slavery all over the world.


Anyway, I'm glad to be done with that.  How is your life going, internet?

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Well, so far I really like this class; the professor is funny and interesting and the other students seem really cool.  I was a little worried about this, so this is a relief.  The professor is talking about the assignments right now, and I'm thinking, 'Sixty-page chapters?  No biggie, not after that WWII class!'.  This is a good feeling.

In other news, we've already been here two hours and I haven't lost my focus yet.  Of course, we aren't doing a real class today, so that's maybe not an entirely accurate prediction of classes to come.  

It seems like every class ever starts out with you being behind on the reading already because you don't get the syllabus or whatever beforehand, and this is no different.  I've got three chapters to read for today and three more for next Tuesday.  Then I've got a class that's actually on Thursdays, which I won't actually go to until the 12th.  The professor did say that we should be getting out a little early, which will be nice.  Oh, this is nice, we just noticed that the three chapters for today are essentially an overview, and there's no actual assignment associated with it.  So the work that's due next Tuesday is on the second set of three chapters.  Whew.

Now we're starting.  Hm, I think I will probably be very bad at knowing when a client is lying to me.  I have this really bad habit of believing things people tell me, even though I know better.  It's weird, because when it's not someone actually telling me things, I'm a very incredulous person--I don't take things on faith, period.  But when someone is sitting there telling me things, unless the story is so unbelievable my ten-year-old cousin couldn't have come up with it, I'll probably believe it until someone else points out, 'You know, that's probably not true.'.  ::facepalm:: 

Wow, as a paralegal, you can get paid to troll facebook, etc., as part of gathering information--that makes your job really easy.  Thank you, social media.  So, let this be a lesson: if you don't want it used against you in court, don't put it on the internet.  Some paralegal will find it. 

This state was the first in the nation to have a certification process for paralegals--wow, we're normally not this forward-thinking here.

Twenty 'til nine, now.  I'm getting a little ready to stop concentrating.

Hm, at the end of all this, I can call myself an NC Certified Paralegal or and NC State Bar Certified Paralegal.  It sounds pretty good.  :) 

It's weird thinking I'll only see this professor six times--one class per week for six weeks and it's done.  Each class is like that; this last history class was a little like that in that we met once a week, but a semester is a lot longer than six weeks. 

Quarter 'til.  These desks are a little uncomfortable because they don't let me stretch my legs out.  Wow, one part of the paralegal profession trademarked Certified Paralegal, so they invented a new word--certificated--to make up for it.  Certificated, guys.  I just, no.  Quit making up stupid words when there are already words in the English language to express your thought.  Or at least let someone who is more talented create the neologisms.  

Nine on the dot.  And we are done.

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Well, I made it here alive, no thanks to this stupid city's lack of street signs and presence of way too many one-way streets.  Also, not having the address of the parking lot as opposed to the building didn't really help.  But I made it, so it's (mostly) okay.  And I can use my own laptop during class, which is excellent--I don't have to sully my life with Windows!  I really don't like using other people's computers, and that goes doubly so for public computers, so this was a real concern.  I have gone to a great deal of trouble to set up my laptop exactly the way I want it, and I hate having to use something else.
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Well, I start the first class for the paralegal certificate tonight at 6, so I have to go eat dinner right about now (it's only 4 here!).  It's all the way down in South Park, and I'll have to fight traffic on 77 and the Brookshire, which is why I have to leave so early.  I'm a little nervous, but I keep reminding myself that I just got a college degree, so I can do this.  Yes.


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