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Well, so far I really like this class; the professor is funny and interesting and the other students seem really cool.  I was a little worried about this, so this is a relief.  The professor is talking about the assignments right now, and I'm thinking, 'Sixty-page chapters?  No biggie, not after that WWII class!'.  This is a good feeling.

In other news, we've already been here two hours and I haven't lost my focus yet.  Of course, we aren't doing a real class today, so that's maybe not an entirely accurate prediction of classes to come.  

It seems like every class ever starts out with you being behind on the reading already because you don't get the syllabus or whatever beforehand, and this is no different.  I've got three chapters to read for today and three more for next Tuesday.  Then I've got a class that's actually on Thursdays, which I won't actually go to until the 12th.  The professor did say that we should be getting out a little early, which will be nice.  Oh, this is nice, we just noticed that the three chapters for today are essentially an overview, and there's no actual assignment associated with it.  So the work that's due next Tuesday is on the second set of three chapters.  Whew.

Now we're starting.  Hm, I think I will probably be very bad at knowing when a client is lying to me.  I have this really bad habit of believing things people tell me, even though I know better.  It's weird, because when it's not someone actually telling me things, I'm a very incredulous person--I don't take things on faith, period.  But when someone is sitting there telling me things, unless the story is so unbelievable my ten-year-old cousin couldn't have come up with it, I'll probably believe it until someone else points out, 'You know, that's probably not true.'.  ::facepalm:: 

Wow, as a paralegal, you can get paid to troll facebook, etc., as part of gathering information--that makes your job really easy.  Thank you, social media.  So, let this be a lesson: if you don't want it used against you in court, don't put it on the internet.  Some paralegal will find it. 

This state was the first in the nation to have a certification process for paralegals--wow, we're normally not this forward-thinking here.

Twenty 'til nine, now.  I'm getting a little ready to stop concentrating.

Hm, at the end of all this, I can call myself an NC Certified Paralegal or and NC State Bar Certified Paralegal.  It sounds pretty good.  :) 

It's weird thinking I'll only see this professor six times--one class per week for six weeks and it's done.  Each class is like that; this last history class was a little like that in that we met once a week, but a semester is a lot longer than six weeks. 

Quarter 'til.  These desks are a little uncomfortable because they don't let me stretch my legs out.  Wow, one part of the paralegal profession trademarked Certified Paralegal, so they invented a new word--certificated--to make up for it.  Certificated, guys.  I just, no.  Quit making up stupid words when there are already words in the English language to express your thought.  Or at least let someone who is more talented create the neologisms.  

Nine on the dot.  And we are done.

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...by Pres. Obama. (Sorry. I may end up abbreviating things in this post due to an unfortunate tendency of the upper left keys to be difficult to press, particularly w and r.)

But first, a story from philosophy class. We were talking about Thomas Reid's response to Hume's argument from contiguity. The argument goes something like this:
  1. What I am directly aware of seems to diminish as I move away from it.
  2. The table does not diminish as I move away from it.
  3. Therefore, I am not directly aware of the table.

Which of course is complete rubbish. Anyway, I was actually on the way to making a (good) point, and couldn't resist the awful (if true) pun: Hume seems to have literally lost perspective. Yes. I went there.


The rest is under here... )
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NFL UPDATE (this is for you, Kaylisaur)

Our Panthers are totally dominating the Kansas City Chiefs 21-0 at halftime and lookin' classy doing it. Jake and Smitty look great, and Moose and Pep are in it too.

Chiefs total yardage: 29
Panthers total yardage: 252

Plus, Fat Man and the Seahawks have been brought low by the NY Giants, and this makes me inordinately happy. But we know what happens to the poor sods when they lose...

ZOMG, Pep just knocked the ball away on the opening possession and we recovered it! Then Smitty almost caught it from Jake for a touchdown; now Muhsin Muhammad just made a great play, and the stadium rang with what sound like boos, but are really Panthers fans cheering, 'Moose'.

ETA: We're now up 31-0 at the end of the 3rd quarter!

ETA2: Aaaand that's game--final score: Carolina 34, Kansas City 0.
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Cut for me nattering. )Not that I really expect anyone not to have seen this, but some spoilers for Torchwood S2, E1, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


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