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Apr. 11th, 2017 09:05 pm
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 Well, here we are again, people flocking to DW since LJ and the Russian mob are back at it. Perhaps this migration will be more complete and we can just stay here. We'll see.  I'll try to connect with all my friends here over the weekend. 

ETA: This was a much faster and easier import than the last mass exodus!  I'm falling in love with all my old icons that went inactive when I gave up my paid account, and the fandoms that gave rise to them.  I wish I had something witty or clever to contribute, but these days I use up all my brain power at work.  
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Okay, so I've never done one of those LJ anniversary posts, but I see some of you doing them.  I was just on my profile now and saw that tomorrow is this journal's eighth anniversary.  Where does the time go?  I've gone through a lot of changes in eight years, and most of them are chronicled in here.  Except that whole year when I kind of ignored it.  Anyway, happy anniversary to me?
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Via [personal profile] scrollgirl: There is a serious rootkit virus going around in YouTube links in comments so be careful when clicking on links!
"Lately there has been a very serious, new type rootkit virus spreading in various routes, and one very serious way for LJ users is the video spam comment. Some users have recently been receiving comments with youtube links (embedded videos) - some are just spam comments with a link in the comment, some are made by hijacked accounts and even include text to make the comment seem real (for example telling you your video has been stolen and provides you with a youtube link).

"These YouTube links are infected with rootkit that will infiltrate your computer and steal personal information and possibly hijack the Internet connection."

So, be careful with LJ links to YouTube?

In other news, I am dragging today.  Last night, I was watching a new History Detectives with Mom and Dad (it was excellent!), and started getting what became a really bad migraine.  Eventually, I had to take an anti-nausea just in case.  Well, those things make you really sleepy, so I slept in like, an hour and a half this morning and was really blah until after lunch.  But at least I woke up headache-free.

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1. Reply to this post with "UNICORNS", and I will pick five of your icons.

2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.

3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Icons selected by [ profile] aadarshinah 

My IE is acting up, and so it's giving me difficulty with pics today, so I'm just going with their names until I figure out WTF is going on.

1. flansquee!
2. lesigh
3. flyboy
4. Josh victory is mine
5. Captain My Captain

1.    I picked this up from [ profile] graphicalrum.  It's Joe Flanigan (obv.), and every fangirl (or fanboy) needs a squee icon.

2.    This is a cap from the A&E miniseries Pride and Prejudice (the only real one!).  It's Lydia Bennett, and that pose is just so perfect for a bored/exasperated sigh.  The text and flower thing were done with GIMP.

3.    I picked this one up from someone, not sure who.  It's one of the SGA promo shots with the totally hot leather jackets that they really should have kept wearing.  I use this kind of on a random basis, just when I feel like looking at the Flan.

4.    I got this from either [personal profile] scrollgirl  or [ profile] pocky_slash.  It's a quote from The West Wing, which Josh says after they get their Supreme Court nominee to agree.  It's part of a silly monologue, which also contains the lines, "Bring me the finest muffins and bagels in the land," and "It is done, and I have done it."  This is my "yay, me" icon.

5.    I got this from [ profile] donutsweeper .  It's Jack Harkness saluting the Tenth Doctor as he's returning to Torchwood after the Year that Never Was.  That scene always got me, and this is one of my leftover TW icons, even though I'm not really in that fandom anymore.

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Does anyone know why the style=mine isn't working all of a sudden?  I'm going to be incredibly pissed if those fuckers in LJ admin did something that stops me from using that at all.  I wouldn't put it past them to do something like this and not say anything.
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Guys, I don't know how many of you have seen the proposed changes for Tuesday's release, but there are some very worrying ones.  Among them are getting rid of subject lines on all comments, even ones already existing (which would render anon/kinkmemes completely unnavigable), without any kind of recourse, and getting rid of the drop-down icon selection menu, instead making you wait for all of your icons to load first and then they won't apparently be organised alphabetically by keyword.  [ profile] wendymr has an excellent post on this here.

One thing we can do is send feedback through the Contact Us section; I've sent a letter, reposted under the cut.

Feedback letter )
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Is anyone else having problems reloading their Livejournal friends page?  Mine keeps staying at the same posts, even though I know that several new posts should be showing up.  It just started doing this not too long ago, so I'm hoping it'll be resolved soon, but in the meantime it's annoying.
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Hello! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas/winter holiday/Friday yesterday, and is enjoying Boxing Day/Clearancemas/Day after Christmas. I'm pimping a new comm I made on lj--anonymous_4th.

It's a community for editors to anonymously post their edits/thoughts on amateur fiction (fanfic) they see online.  You know, the stuff you see and go, 'Wow, did that person even use a beta?  I could have helped a lot'.  The rules for posting are found in the user info for the comm. 

So, grammar nazis, post away!

x-posted to Dreamwidth & Livejournal

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Okay, I totally forgot about this, but I do have a couple of invite codes for Dreamwidth.  If there's anyone on the flist that wants one, comment at either my DW or LJ page.

ETA: One code out to the brand-new [personal profile] captain_starcat !  I've got one code left, but I'm sure I can request more.
rhia_starsong: (Default) Pres. Obama. (Sorry. I may end up abbreviating things in this post due to an unfortunate tendency of the upper left keys to be difficult to press, particularly w and r.)

But first, a story from philosophy class. We were talking about Thomas Reid's response to Hume's argument from contiguity. The argument goes something like this:
  1. What I am directly aware of seems to diminish as I move away from it.
  2. The table does not diminish as I move away from it.
  3. Therefore, I am not directly aware of the table.

Which of course is complete rubbish. Anyway, I was actually on the way to making a (good) point, and couldn't resist the awful (if true) pun: Hume seems to have literally lost perspective. Yes. I went there.


The rest is under here... )
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Ah, kilts.  And wearers thereof.  These things are enough to make me wish (almost!) I was a guy, just so I would have an excuse to wear them.  (It's just not the same if you're a girl; it's still a skirt, and girls traditionally wear skirts, but not kilts.)

So, faffing around on LJ this afternoon, I came across this comm and was highly amused as well as a tad jealous.


Of course, I do think the world would be a better place if men wore kilts more often...for lots of reasons.
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So, some of you might have noticed the state of...flux this journal has been in since yesterday afternoon, when I got the bright idea of finally trying to put up my own personal header. Yeah. It only took about five hours over 2 days and the spectacular help of [ profile] mightyquill to figure out what I had been doing wrong.

In other news, still no textbooks, though the day's second post hasn't come yet, so it's still possible that I could do something productive before the day ends. No, really.


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