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So, anyone who's read this journal recently probably saw my (latest) rant on DeepestSender not working.  Heh, user error.

Anyway, I'm making a start on that song list, since Muppet expressed an interest.  The songs from the first week might take a little longer for the mp3s to appear here since I have to go figure out which song is which--they're almost all mislabelled.  All the others are present and correct, though.

My dad apparently got an email from my brother in London the other day, and Brother will be home for a visit in early December.  Of course, he would be going to Atlanta, and those dates are RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF FINALS.  *pout*

From the obsessively keep old emails file:  When I registered for my two summer classes, one in June and one in July, I emailed the details to our Registrar, the fearsome Dr Epes of terse email fame.  He sent me emails back both times approving the classes, so I took them.  Today I get an email from the head of Financial Aid saying that the registrar can't find any record of approving those classes.  Now, these classes are what's allowing me to go on to my senior year this coming semester, so I was all, 'Oh no you don't.'  I found those two emails still in my inbox and politely forwarded them to the FinAid guy, CCing the registrar.  I went away triumphant, knowing they could deny me no further.  I was a bit surprised to get a polite email a little later from Dr Epes saying thanks for reminding him, and he had only looked at the paper records, not the emails.

I'm being sent out now on a grocery run because it's in the same direction as the place I'm going to buy my friend a birthday card.
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Ookay, so I've had some interesting days lately. I spent the weekend of the fourth driving four hours down to my dad's house, and then we rode another two or so to my stepmom's sister's place for dinner and stuff. I love it there; out in the country, they have horses (they had two registered Tennessee Walkers this time!) and it's really relaxing to get away from my mom.

Monday started the second summer session, and guys, I really can't believe I'm getting credit for this class: the History of Rock n Roll. Yep. I get free music out of it, too.

Mom's still all in a tizzy about remodelling the house, starting with replacing windows this weekend, which I am not looking forward to at all. Other than that, life continues to be uneventful.
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So, in an opinion column in the paper yesterday, Leonard Pitts made an interesting (and funny point):

Writing about the online ad for Dunkin' Donuts that Rachael Ray did that caused so much controversy last month, Pitts commented, "Consider the case of Rachael Ray and the scarf that made people scream.
"Ray, of course, is the preternaturally perky host of cooking shows on the Food Network--and a spokeswoman for Dunkin' Donuts.
"In that capacity, she wore the aforementioned scarf around her neck in an online ad--and people started screaming. It seems that in the eyes of conservative columnist Michelle Malkin and a handful of blogosphere blowhards, the scarf resembled a kaffiyeh, the Arab headdress most infamously worn by the late PLO leader Yasser Arafat.
"Me, I thought the paisley scarf resembled a paisley scarf, but then, I haven't been taking my paranoid lunatic pills lately, so what do I know? Those with more discerning vision cried foul and late last month, the doughnut maker crumbled, pulling the ad, lest anyone assume the company was selling mass terror along with its iced coffees and crullers."

Also, my parents are out of town until Friday! We're getting ready to have a midterm in sociology, and get this: not only are we assigned a study guide directly from the class notes (which are from PowerPoint), the day before the exam, the professor is going over the entire exam with us. How easy does it get, guys?!
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So, I'm really liking this sociology class so far. The first day, the prof couldn't make it, so a TA showed up with the syllabus and told us once we had it, we could go home. Nice. Of course, since I had tripped on the brick walkway on my way in and fallen rather hard on my face (literally, stop laughing, Kaylie, Godlet, it hurt), I was bleeding a bit and more than happy to comply.

Yesterday, she told us she'd never keep us the entire class period, and if we talked a lot, there would be less material to cover, and thus less material on our exams. Never happens at Davidson. Never. Also, the prof is really easy to distract and get going on a tangent. Useful, that. The reading is pathetically easy thus far; I swear, this text was meant for high schoolers.

Conclusion: I forsee an A out of this. Pity it won't count for my GPA, just my credit hours. (My GPA could use the help.)

Godlet, I've started on our 'summer reading' for RP. Amazing what I've forgotten about this stuff since middle and high school.

How are y'all's summers shaping up?
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Well, this comes a bit late, but here I am, home for the summer. So far, so good on the parental front, though one never knows when that might change. So, things I need to do:

Listy things )

In other cool news, we finished the rest of Tombs of the Cybermen, and my dad liked it! He liked it enough to want to watch more with me. I love sucking my parents into my fandoms; I did that with The West Wing too. Then we watched the first episode of The Dinosaurs, which I also have on DVD, because all of us remember it from TV, and how hilarious it was. Good times.
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in the library of a local university where I'm taking summer classes to make up for a piss-ass year at Davidson. It's so...big. And weird. But easy. I bought first season House DVDs this morning, and can't wait to watch them (again). There is absolutely nothing interesting going on in my life, and that is kinda pathetic.


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